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The Homeland Security Department plans to develop a “cyber ops wiki” that agencies can use to improve collaboration on cybersecurity efforts, according to a notice from the department. The wiki will be used by DHS’ National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and the six other federal cybersecurity c [...]

Hackers are now using Twitter to send coded update messages to computers they’ve previously infected with rogue code, according to a report from net-monitoring firm Arbor Networks. This looks to be the first reported case of hackers using the popular micro-messaging company to control botnets, whi [...]

Papua New Guinea’s internet link with the world has been hit with a cyber-attack, slowing connection speeds to a crawl. The world’s internet infrastructure came under strain late last week when a major effort by Russian-based hackers to close down a pro-Georgian blogger affected some soc [...]

An Adelaide man will face court next month over charges relating to what police allege is one of Australia’s largest computer hacking networks. South Australian police will allege the 20-year-old from Adelaide’s west was working from his home. It is alleged he infected about 74,000 compu [...]

Interesting to note that last week’s Twitter attack may have originated in a struggle to either propagate or suppress news and views on the Russia-Georgia dispute over the far-away Abkhazia region. Wouldn’t be the first in recent times that Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, have been on the [...]


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