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A top operational official in charge of protecting civilian government computer networks has resigned, dealing another blow to the federal effort to enhance cybersecurity. Mischel Kwon, the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, submitted her [...]

After a deranged student’s shooting rampage killed 32 classmates on a spring morning two years ago at Virginia Tech University, one of Randy Marchany’s first priorities was accounting for the seven students who worked in the school’s information security office. Marchany, director [...]

Both sites have lately become attractive targets for online crooks who try to trick users into installing malware on their PCs. Malicious tweets or Facebook messages might promise some great new video, but instead install fake security software. Kaspersky today posted about the most social engineeri [...]

Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn has ordered a review to detail the threats and benefits associated with using social-networking tools. The review, which is due Aug. 31, should examine what policies and processes are needed to ensure emerging Internet capabilities are used effectively, accordin [...]


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