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“A bill to require the president to assess the government’s cybersecurity workforce, including an agency-by-agency skills assessment, cleared a House panel on Wednesday. The legislation also would order the White House to evaluate the pool of available cybersecurity talent and any barrie [...]

“While he was running for president, candidate Barack Obama promised to make cyber security a priority in his administration. So much for promises. To his credit, President Obama has been working on this issue. In February, he commissioned a cyberspace policy review led by Melissa Hathaway. In [...]

“Mayor Bill Finch was surrounded Monday by Iranian Internet hackers. Not literally, but the mayor’s photo at the center of the city’s official Web site was sandwiched between the phrase, ‘Hacked by KiAnPhP from Iran.’ The cyber graffiti was posted Monday morning by Inte [...]

“A well-known Chinese hacker has struck again, hitting a film festival showing a documentary about Uygur separatist Rebiya Kadeer. Around 3 pm Monday, Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Film Festival webpage was replaced with an image of the People’s Liberation Army with China’s national ant [...]


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