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The cybercriminal responsible for the Heartland Payment Systems breach has been identified by the Secret Service with the hacker’s location “pinpointed” outside of North America. According to the trade publication Storefront Backtalk, the investigation has been turned over to the U [...]

According to Worldwide Net, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department network was shutdown from January 22-24 due to a computer virus. Department officials thought the possibility of a hacker attack were minimal and that the infection was more than likely introduced by a thumb drive. [Dark Visitor] [...]

In 2007, the domestic market for Chinese virtual goods was estimated at $900 million and 45% of that directed at Tencent online products, the owner of QQ. A QQ coin, which has been described as a possible dual-currency for the number of items it can purchase outside of QQ, is priced at 1 yuan (15 [& [...]

A MAN has admitted hacking into the Northern Territory Government’s computer system causing $1m of damage. Computer engineer David Anthony McIntosh, 28, pleaded guilty in the NT Supreme Court in Darwin today to 12 counts of unlawfully accessing and modifying data on May 8 last year. His cyber- [...]

A new digital plague has hit the Internet, infecting millions of personal and business computers in what seems to be the first step of a multistage attack. The world’s leading computer security experts do not yet know who programmed the infection, or what the next stage will be. In recent weeks a [...]