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“Gov. Rick Perry was ‘Talkin’ Texas’ online Tuesday, but his campaign said countless Texans were prevented from logging on because the highly touted event was sabotaged by an onslaught of fake users. Although some 22,000 people were able to log on, the focus on those who could not [...]

“‘Like most large organizations, we have seen e-mail scams and phishing attacks that cite the U.S. Census Bureau,’ agency spokesman Neil Tillman wrote in an e-mail. The Census Bureau stresses that it will not request personal information from you via e-mail, such as PIN codes, pass [...]

“Last week Canadian security vendor Defence Intelligence reported that half the Fortune 100 companies have been compromised by a botnet they dubbed Mariposa. Discovered in May, Mariposa appears to have been built using the readily available butterfly bot kit. While the afflicted among the Fort [...]


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