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“According to tech news site Neowin, an anonymous user posted usernames and passwords for over 10,000 Windows Live Hotmail accounts to web site PasteBin, including accounts on email domains like,, and Neowin verified that the accounts are genuine, and that most [...]

“Investigators said Friday that a hacker managed to get into a City of Atlanta computer and steal financial account information. According to authorities the man then set up bogus out-of-state accounts and withdrew tens of thousands of dollars. A man was indicted for stealing taxpayer cash fro [...]

“Cyber criminals are again wasting no time on capitalising on public interest in major news events with a new phishing attack being reported based on the recent Tsunami hitting Pacific Island nations. F-secure has reported that search engine optimisation (SEO) poisoning is again being used to [...]

“The Obama administration has given a green light to the Department of Homeland Security to hire up to 1,000 new cyber experts over the next three years, the first major personnel move to fulfill its vow to bolster security of the nation’s computer networks. The announcement follows a wa [...]


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