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North Korea is operating a cyber-reconnaissance unit that targets South Korean and U.S. military networks, South Korean intelligence personnel said Tuesday. The Korean People’s Army has been operating for years a “technology reconnaissance team,” charged with collecting information [...]

When American forces in Iraq wanted to lure members of Al Qaeda into a trap, they hacked into one of the group’s computers and altered information that drove them into American gun sights. When President George W. Bush ordered new ways to slow Iran’s progress toward a nuclear bomb last year, he [...]

The Olympic Games in London could suffer a severe “cyber attack” unless urgent action is taken, according to former home secretary David Blunkett. He said terrorists could hack into computer and communications systems causing a “complete meltdown”. The Labour MP said such an [...]

For years, the U.S. intelligence community worried that China’s government was attacking our cyber-infrastructure. Now one man has discovered it’s worse: It’s hundreds of thousands of everyday civilians. And they’ve only just begun. (PopSci) [...]