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“Personal friends of employees at Google, Adobe and other companies were targeted by hackers in a string of recently disclosed cyberattacks, raising privacy concerns and pointing to a highly sophisticated operation, security experts said. Cybersecurity experts analysing the attacks said the ha [...]

“Mike Bailey, a senior security analyst with Foreground Security of Orlando, Florida, said he discovered the problem, which exploits a widely known vulnerability in Adobe Systems Inc’s Flash programing language. Bailey said he informed Twitter of the flaw and it could take as little as a [...]

“A former ringleader of a top internet carding site run secretly by the FBI has pleaded guilty in the United Kingdom. Renukanth Subramaniam, aka JiLsi, was a former Pizza Hut delivery guy who helped run one of the leading English-language criminal sites, DarkMarket. The site operated as an int [...]


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