NSA Agent’s Identity Exposed in Poorly-Redacted Snowden Document

January 29, 2014
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“It’s finally happened. The name of an NSA agent has been accidentally leaked to the public via an NSA document stolen by Edward Snowden.
On Monday, we covered one way in which the Snowden leaks have touched off observably negative international consequences. Specifically, we discussed how an article in The Guardian detailing how Australia spied on the president of Indonesia has exacerbated tensions between the two nations, potentially touching off a military conflict at sea. Hours later, another example of apparent irresponsible journalism came to light.
A pair of new Snowden revelations were published on Monday. First, an article was published by NBC News in association with Glenn Greenwald about an NSA operation codenamed ‘Squeaky Dolphin.’ A second revelation was posted by The Guardian in partnership with The New York Times and ProPublica, which covered an NSA document that revealed how the NSA and the British GCHQ are able to collect information on various targets via ‘leaky’ smartphone apps like Angry Birds.”

Source: NSA Agent’s Identity Exposed in Poorly-Redacted Snowden Document | The Daily Banter


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