Reference to Cyber Security “Wake-Up Calls”

November 18, 2013
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“Here is some safe analysis for you: In the future, senior US policy-makers will declare that they have had a ‘wake-up call’ regarding the cyber threat. Your enterprise, whether you are in or out of government, will also have senior leaders that will make that statement. It is easy to make this prediction since all indications are that humans everywhere fall for a new kind of analytical bias I am terming cyber threat amnesia. Once a human things some action has been taking to mitigate a cyber threat they think all is well.

We have previously discussed research and analysis we did for the Cyber Conflict Studies Association on the many ‘Wake-Up Calls’ the nation’s policy makers have declared themselves to have had regarding cyber security. If history is any predictor of the past, we will still be getting these wake-up calls long into the future.”

Source:Reference to Cyber Security “Wake-Up Calls” – Analyst One


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