InfoWarCon Survey Released

July 23, 2013
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I’ve been asked by many different groups to bring back INFOWARCON, the Cyberwar conference I ran starting in 1994.

GFirst is sadly gone.
Too many Training Congresses are all the same ol’ …
Too many prepared vendor pitches
Content-less stump speeches from “Official-dom”
All defense… no offense.

If you can’t attack, how can you defend?

InfowarCon is designed to provide open source access to technologies, perceptions and views from the attacking side of the equation. What Poor-Man’s Terrorist Weapons can be built “on the cheap” yet offer our adversaries strategic and tactical advantage?

You know the problem. So, we are asking for your thoughts about:


InfowarCon 2014: Offensive Information Technologies Training & Congress
3 Action-Packed Days of Brilliant Hands-On Training, Seminars, Demonstrations and Learning How to be Offensive!

If you could spare a moment (like no one EVER asks you for that!) and fill out a 100% anonymous survey,
your answers will tell us if anyone cares about my vision and wants to participate.

Go to:
Bottom right of page and take the survey.

Kind thanks in advance!

Winn Schwartau
Founder, InfowarCon