Terrorism Online: The Web’s Role in Radicalization

December 6, 2012
Cyberthreats, Headline
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“Old-fashioned paper propaganda is getting phased out. Taking its place is social media, a relative newcomer that is taking the world by storm. Social media’s open, web-based interactive formats allow for instant communication to an unlimited audience. The use of social media has dramatically risen in the last decade, especially among young adults. The monumental popularity and outreach capabilities of social media have made this sector a prime target for terrorist recruitment operations. Social media offers several huge advantages to terrorist groups. The Internet is easily accessible with cheap equipment and offers world-wide reach in an instant. Given the ease of incorporating these innovations, terrorist recruitment efforts have increasingly turned to social media for organization, outreach and propagandizing.”

Source: OODA Loop – Terrorism Online: The Web’s Role in Radicalization


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