Dropbox Left User Accounts Unlocked for 4 Hours Sunday

June 20, 2011
Cyberattack, Headline

“At a time when hackers are on a tear looting information willy-nilly from insecure sites on the Web, Dropbox did the unthinkable Sunday — it allowed anyone in the world to access any one of its 25 million customers’ online storage lockers — simply by typing in any password.”

(Dropbox Left User Accounts Unlocked for 4 Hours Sunday | Threat Level |

2 Responses

  1. lyecdevf

    July 6, 2011, 08:43:30

    From the beginning I was some what sceptical about dropbox but since all the geeks thought it was a great tool I went along with it. However, I was very careful about uploading anything of personal nature on there. Basically everything that I put on there was more or less meant for public view some time in the future it just was not ready yet like notes, screenshots,…

  2. NoxiousKarn

    July 6, 2011, 15:58:03

    So this becomes an issue if you don’t safe guard your data before uploading it. I keep some data encrypted before sending it to Dropbox so for me this is less of a risk and more of an annoyance. I’m more worried about the fact that I can sign myself up for a ton of accounts using gmail and periods in my username before the @ because with that I can invite myself many many times. having one account wit 10Gb free and a bunch of other account linked to my main giving me a lot more free storage.

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