Massive Breach at Epsilon Compromises Customer Lists of Major Brands

April 3, 2011
Cyberattack, Featured
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“It turns out that Kroger is only one of many customers affected by the breach at Epsilon.

Epsilon sends over 40 billion emails annually and counts over 2,500 clients, including 7 of the Fortune 10 to build and host their customer databases.”

(Massive Breach at Epsilon Compromises Customer Lists of Major Brands | SecurityWeek.Com)

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  1. Cathi

    April 3, 2011, 23:50:22

    I was called Friday by Chase Bank credit card services and told my acct had been compromised and someone was using my card. They cancelled my card and Fed-Ex’d a new one to me overnight.
    My Wells Fargo debit card was not available Friday for use—no one at Wells Fargo could use their card Friday, and Chase online banking was down this weekend.
    I also got several e-mails saying my e-mail address and name were compromised this weekend.
    What in the hell is going on! Is there a cyber war on the banks taking place? They aren’t being honest about the extent of the matter. They would not have spent $12.95 to send me a card overnight unless it was serious.
    I also read today Citi was hit, and yet these banks are not fessing up that accts—not just names and e-mail addresses are being stolen.

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