Would a U.S. cyberattack on Iraq have changed things?

August 4, 2009
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When you talk about the invasion of Iraq, no matter what your stance, the conversation is bound to get ugly. There are some strong feelings on both sides concerning the 2003 invasion launched by the Bush administration. However, a story recently published by The New York Times begs the question; would it truly have mattered if the U.S. launched a cyberattack on the Iraqi banking system
before the invasion? Would the outcome seen several years later have changed?

The New York Times’ report centers on two things – cyber warfare and collateral damage. The reason that the Bush administration held back on a plan to launch a cyberattack, freezing billions of dollars in assets held in banks for Saddam Hussein’s use, was fear. The plan, one that the Times reports “would have been the most far-reaching case of computer sabotage in history” could have created “worldwide financial havoc, spreading across the Middle East to Europe and perhaps to the United States.” (Tech Herald)


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