The Fourth Front: Russia’s Cyber-attack on Georgia

March 26, 2009
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“Last summer, Russia invaded Georgia on four fronts,” Georgian National Security Council Secretary Eka Tkeshelashvili told a recent Washington conference. “Three of them were conventional—on the ground, through the air and by the sea. The fourth was new—their attacks via cyberspace.” The era of cyber-warfare has begun.

“When a tank crosses our sovereign border,” Tkeshelashvili continued, “there can be no doubt about the transgression. However, when we come under attack via cyberspace, the provenance of this aggression is more difficult to trace.” Indeed, it may take awhile before we even recognize an attack.

Consider all those spam E Mails—counterfeit designer watches, beautiful Russian girls, American “green cards,” sexual enhancement and great deals on stock in fictitious companies. The sons of momentarily distressed Nigerian bankers offer millions in exchange for our bank account numbers and passwords. (Georgian Daily)